Timber is the only truly renewable building material. Whenever one farmed tree is cut down for construction use, at least one tree, if not two, is planted in its place.


When the Management Team becomes aware, or if substantiated concerns are received from third parties, that forest and tree based material originates in illegal or controversial sources, products containing those materials will not be placed on the market until the concern has been resolved in accordance with PEFC ST 2002:2020 Appendix 1 Section 4

With this in mind the management team at MTE has an implemented and established chain of custody management system in place to control the purchase of timber based products with the clear objective to meet the requirements of the PEFC timber chain of custody standards.

As part of the chain of custody management system MTE operate an EUTR due diligence policy in order to reduce the risk of illegally harvested timber being used and only trade with timber importers who also run a chain of custody management system in line with EUTR guidelines.

By choosing MTE you are making the ultimate ‘green’ choice. Timber frame buildings not only achieve longevity of usage, they can be easily adapted, refurbished or re-used and because they are so well insulated, they are also more energy efficient and in turn cheaper to run.

In line with our commitment to the environment, MTE runs its own recycling programme so waste resulting from construction and demolition can be used again.